Starting to homeschool and doing it on a budget. It really is possible to homeschool on a budget. There will be times that you will need to spend money and then there are times I know that it just isn’t in the budget. Times like this happen to us all but there are options that you can do when you don’t have that money. By looking around for where to look for curriculum and supplies you can get them in a good condition at a good price. There are also resources and programs that you can join to help you get through easier. When you homeschool on a budget the right way you will save all the money you need to.

  1. HP Instant Ink

When homeschooling there will be a lot of times where you will be needing to print things or copy them. You will go through a lot of ink. There are times where I can print off hundred of pages which results in a lot of ink. With this program you can pau $9.99 a month for 300 pages and $1.00 for every 25 sheets after that. This really does help the budget as you are paying that each month rather than paying at least $50 for your ink.

2. Homeschool Freebies

There are so many different freebies that you can find for any subject all over the place. Looking online you can usually find bloggers and others that will have large lists of them that can help you teach your kids. A lot of these freebies have a lot of information in them.

3. Compare Prices

You could get your curriculum on the actual website of the company and pay a lot of money or look at other places. For example my one son has dyslexia, the curriculum that works well for him are not the cheapest to buy. One example is Math U See which I use for all my boys. I could buy it on their website and pay over $100 or look at other places for it. Some places that I look through for curriculum are,, and I usually can find everything for my boys through one of these sites for much less than on the actual websites.

4. Free TV Online

There are a lot of free shows that you can find online. This videos can be used along with your curriculum easily. YouTube is a great place to find videos. They have a lot of great videos that will work for any age. Currently we are using some of them along with our science curriculum to discuss the animals we learning about a little more.

5. Used Curriculum groups

There are so many groups on Facebook that are made to sell and buy curriculum on.  You can find curriculum that other homeschool families are done with in good condition for a lot less than what you would pay normally. For example I just got two levels of curriculum for $50 when they would normally be almost $200. All you need to do is type in homeschool curriculum buy/sell and you will see a large list.

6. Teacher discounts

Did you know as a homeschool mom you can get teacher discounts? There usually is a discount like 15% at stores. Craft stores, school supply stores, bookstores and more stores will except them.

7. Curriculum swap with your friends

This is so helpful when they have something that you need and your have something you need. I have a friend who has been homeschooling longer than me so depending on what it is a lot of the time she will let me borrow some kind of curriculum.

8. Shop at yard sales 

There are always yard  sales around when the weather is nice outside. You never know what you will find at a yard sale. You could find what you are looking for randomly at a really good price. Or you could some supplement pieces at really good prices that would help you in the end.

9. Make field trips affordable

Field Trips are going to be a big thing in homeschooling. They can become expensive really fast. When you get passes to different places like museums, zoos and aquariums. When having a pass you can save a lot of money. There could be a discount or you can get in free. Groupon is a great place to look for coupons and codes that can help you get into some place for much less.

10. The Library

Some libraries will have special loaner programs for teachers (again homeschoolers are considered teachers). They could also have clubs and classes that your kids can sign up for. Make sure to grab your libraries calendar to know what is coming.

When you homeschool on a budget it makes your work hard to see what will work the best for your kids. You try to determine what works best for them faster than you might do otherwise. Remember that when you homeschool on a budget it is completely possible. When you look for better prices you will be able to fund something else much easier and not have to worry about it.



Are you like us and had a hard time getting your kids into preschool or now having the trouble. Our decision was deciding to start teaching preschool at home.  This was something that was really rough to figure out how to start. Or is it that you are looking for something to work on with your kids while you are homeschooling your older kids?  Doing some form of preschool at home will be fun for you and your kids. There are so many different ways that you can enjoy teaching preschool at home.

Remember when you are teaching preschool at home play is the best way for them to learn. While they learn through play there are certain things that they need to learn.

The Alphabet is the ultimate beginning for reading, writing, grammar and everything else.  Learning their uppercase letters will be the main focus at this age, obviously they will be learning their lowercase also but at this age it isn’t as much of a focus. Once knowing the uppercase everything will fall into place.

They can learn the alphabet easily by play. We use magnetic letters a lot when learning upper and lowercase letters. This way they can match the magnetic letter with a letter drawn on a piece of paper or they can find it in a pile of other letters.  There are so many other ways that can be done too.

Basic Colors

The basic colors to know are red, orange, yellow, blue, green and purple. You can easily teach them these through rainbow activities and other fun activities. One activity that is so easy and cheap is taking pom poms and sorting them by color into colored objects that can hold something.

Basic Shapes

The basic shapes that are needed to know are the circle, square, triangle, rectangle and star.  Your children can learn through puzzles.

Develop fine and gross motor skills 

Make sure to read a lot

This could be one of the most important things that you do while teaching preschool at home. It will help develop so many different skills.

The days of week and the months of the year

We daily learn this through songs and by working with our calendar.


When teaching preschool at home if you are starting with your three year old there might be some things that you won’t focus on yet that you would your older child at 4 or 5.  There obviously will be other things that you teach to your children that is not listed here. There is definitely more that they will need to know too.



We all want our children know how to be responsible with their own toys and other items that belong to them. When you teach your child responsibility it will give them the sense of feeling like they did something well and that they feel like they have accomplished something special. Teaching this to your child seems to be something hard but it can be done for sure, you just need to take it in a certain way for it truly work.

Start early on in their lives

When teaching your child responsibility don’t wait until they are older. If you teach them when they are much younger you will have an easier time doing it. As when they are older they will fight you on doing it especially when they become a teen. Start early like when they are a toddler with appropriate activities.

Praise them for their actions

When they actually do an act of responsibility make sure to praise them when they do it. This way they can see that they did it the way that they should have and know that you are proud of them for taking on that act themselves.

Provide a routine for them

Have it set up for them so that when they wake up they know what they are supposed to be doing and when they need to do it. When they are taking on doing what they are supposed to do they will get it done faster if they know that they are able to do something when they are done. Sometimes having them wake up and do certain things before they are allowed to do something else they will do it even better. Such as when waking up they need to make their bed, make sure they are dressed, eat breakfast and brush their teeth. There might be other things that they need to do also depending on their ages.

Model Responsibility 

When you teach your child responsibility you need to make sure that you model the behavior. They will not take on the responsibility if you are not doing something yourself. Without having someone show them how to do when they are younger how will they learn how to themselves?

When  you teach your child responsibility they will feel ownership for what they have done. They will also feel ownership for their own items and feel better for taking care of things their selves. When you work together it will go so much smoother. Just keep them accountable and it will happen just right.

Do yo do anything different to teach your child responsibility? Let us know in the comments!


It is that time of the year again, getting ready for the new school year. We are all looking for homeschool supplies that we need to replenish that had been used the previous year. There are some homeschool supplies that you will be very happy to have. Without these it will be possible to homeschool but with having them it will make your life and your kids lives easier. Over time you will have the homeschool supplies, you don’t have to rush purchasing them all.

Bible- Having a bible is one of the most important books you will ever have for your homeschool. You will learn the word a lot easier. You can find one for your children’s level in many bookstores.

A good pencil sharpenerHaving a pencil sharpener will help you a lot with the amount of pencils that you will go through each year. Electric ones are easier to use but are not an absolute necessity.

Library Card Having a library card will open you up to so many possibilities for books and learning! Having one will provide you the chance to research and get books that you don’t have at home.

Good planner- With having a good planner it will make your day so much easier knowing what will be coming up the next day especially if you are a part of a homeschool group or co-op like we are. Having a planner helps me keep track of their schoolwork, co-op days and field trips. I also place any appointments we may have so that we can see when those are coming up and can plan around them.

3 Hole Puncher- This has helped so much when getting papers organized. It has become easier to have pages for different subjects in binders to keep it safer. We use the same curriculum for more than one boy so they safer it is the better it is for us.

Laminator- This is new for myself but has saved me so much. I am not constantly printing out something over and over to replace it if we are using it all the time. 

Mom Support- Without the support of other moms you will not get through your homeschool journey. You will constantly get attacked and you will want to quit homeschooling.

Stapler- With lots of staples

Scissors Mom needs a good pair of her own but make sure that you children each have their own pair too. Just make sure they are appropriate for their ages.

Printer- You will print off a lot of information. What would make it even better is having a copier.

Book Shelves- You will need these to hold the many books you will collect over the years.

Pencils- You will need more pencils then you probably could even think of.

Binders- We have started storing all papers in binders to help keep them stored safely to use them again later on for one of the other boys.


There are probably others that I didn’t mention that you can think of but at least this is a good start.

Can you think of any homeschool supplies that I didn’t add, what are they?


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Teaching children social skills are one of the most important skills that you child will learn throughout their whole lives. Without the social skills how would they survive talking to others? They wouldn’t survive as they wouldn’t know how to communicate the respectful way with others. When teaching children social skills at a younger age they are able to grow in a more respectful and comfortable way. Here are some ways to teach your children the social skills that are needed.

Show them what to do

You children are going to remember what you do over what you tell them what they need to do. The best way for them to learn social skills is by doing what you want them to do. You need to make sure that you are practicing what you are telling them is important social skills. If you are not do the same motions that are being asked of your children they will not do them either.

Be ready to remind them what they need to do

It is going to take them time to learn what is expected to behave like in public. You will need to remind them to say please, thank you and other respectful things they should say. Sometimes if you wait a minute to remind them what to say it may come. If not they had forgotten and just need to remind them.

Make sure to praise and reinforce the behavior that you want

When you are praising them they are remembering at a later time that it was something good that they had done and to do it again. When they say it without being reminded it is time to praise them!

Make sure it is age appropriate

There are going to be certain social skills that you are going to teach your toddler that your teen isn’t going to need to be taught anymore. Make sure when you are teaching them the skills that are needed to do what will work best for what they need to learn. Obviously you will teach your toddler and preschooler that they need to say please, thank you, you’re welcome and other skills like that. Where with your teen you might be starting to teach them how to act at an interview for their new job. If you are teaching your child something that won’t help them at their age it will not be beneficial for them at all.


In the end remember when you are teaching your children social skills it needs to be the things that are important and that in order for them to learn them the best way you need to do it yourself and show them how to.

Can you think of other ways to help with teaching children social skills?


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Fine motor skills are something that are always needed for all individuals to be able to learn different skills. All of the fine motor skills help make it easier to learn how to write and hold a writing utensil better, which is the most important skill to have as it is a skill used almost everyday throughout everything lives if not everyday. Ever wonder what fine motor skills would work for your preschoolers and be ones that are best for them to do to make those muscles stronger? Having these skills done well will help your preschooler dress themselves, write, cut, draw, eat and even tie their shoelaces. Here are some activities that can help them develop those fine motor skills.


Cutting is a skill that is needed by everyone. Through time by practicing this regularly your preschooler will be able to cut paper without lines, lines that are not straight, cutting pictures and shapes out.


Tearing is something fun that will help greatly with developing the muscles in their fingers. Tearing paper and whatever kinds of materials that can be torn will provide that help. They will start tearing big pieces of paper and then when they get used to the skill they will eventually start tearing much smaller pieces. This is something that not only your preschooler can do but also smaller children like toddlers and babies can do too.


This is one of my boys favorites. They are able to make so many different types of objects out of the playdough. Your child can use playdough by itself or with some tools. Working with the playdough by itself will help develop the muscles better but also will help make creativity and imagination. They are able to use so many different types of tools and materials to play with. Using their small toys can be a fun addition as they can build something for the toys to live in or stomp across.


This is another important one as they need to learn how much glue to place on what they are gluing and knowing where it should be placed. Whether it will be liquid or a glue stick. Some children have a difficult time with the feeling of the glue but introducing it to younger children and letting them play with it will help them a little more as to not having such a hard time with it.


Threading beads and other items onto string or other items are always fun. It is really great activity to do to strengthen that pincer grasp for writing. In order to accomplish this the right way they need to make sure to use that thumb and pointer finger. A fun way to do this skill is by giving your child some beads and pipe cleaners and have them put the beads on. Something else fun to do is by making bracelets and other jewelry.

What are other fine motor skills that you can think of?





Self Control is something we should all know how to do. But do you know how to teach your child self control. This can be a skill that is tough to teach but is so important to teach them. When they don’t have self control then they will get frustrated with themselves and show a poor sense of self- image. It is also really important for your child’s self- esteem. It might be hard to learn but as long as you are learning it over time will become easier to learn and faster also.


Teach them to not react fast to those who hurt them

Teaching them to not react fast will help them control their actions. In the end resulting in them not reacting in a negative way that will harm them or another person. The best way to teach your child to do this is by doing it ourselves. They will not understand exactly how to do this best if we don’t provide the example. Show them how to pause and then how to react to a situation without hurting another individual.

Teach them to not give into their automatic wants

This might be one of the hardest parts to do when you teach your child self control. They are always saying they want something whether it is needed or not. When they are doing this it is because they are seeing us doing something on an impulse.  By not buying something by impulse will show them that the things that they want will not always happen at that second. That they will need to wait for something that they want which will end up making them appreciate the items that they receive.

Show them good habits and how they should do them

This can be something as easy as washing our hands after using the bathroom. Could also be brushing our teeth twice a day. This is done by showing that we do the same. Modeling the important habits will provide them with a healthy living that they should do each day. Constant practice will also enforce this.

Provide some form of responsibly for child

This is done in our house with the chores that they are assigned each day. By doing something it will show that they can be responsible to finish what they should. There will also be times where they are being irresponsible that they need to learn about the responsibility that comes with the decisions that are not right. This provides great lessons for them to remember at a later time.


Can you think of other ways to teach your child self control?  Providing ways that were successful for you and your child to learn this important skill.


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Are you like us and in your car going all over the place during the summer? Then having a summer car box may help you. It would give you a chance to have all things that you need handy in case of an emergency or just something that you will need in order to have a successful day out.

Have a first aid kit

This is a big one! It seems that kids are always getting hurt and need to be cleaned up and bandaged. Having a good type of first aid kit will help you with keeping control of those injuries.

Make sure to have water

There are so many hot days during the summer and you need to remember to keep your kids and yourself hydrated while you are out. Making sure to have water in your summer car box will provide you the chance to all stay hydrated.

Have some snacks

Everyone gets hungry throughout the day especially the kids when they are playing hard at the park or somewhere else. Having snacks on handy makes it easier to feed them but also saves you money if you didn’t pack a lunch. This making it possible to not have to go to a drive thru or a restaurant.

Have a change of clothes for everyone

There are so many chances that one of the kids, your significant other or yourself will get dirty in some way. With having three boys myself I am always packing an extra outfit for all of us. They are running and jumping in the mud and whatever else. Then they are running to us and getting us all dirty.

Hand Sanitizer or Diaper Wipes

After playing in the dirt and touching many things it can always be good to have some hand sanitizer or diaper wipes in your summer car box.


Those times of random rain it is nice to have something to cover up with. Having a poncho will give you all a chance to still be outside and enjoy yourselves especially when you are taking a family trip during the day.

Trash bags

Having trash will be a nice thing for others around you. As it is nice to pick up after yourself if you and your family are enjoying a family picnic somewhere. It will reduce future problems with animals and keep the earth clean.


Blankets can be used for so many different reasons. Whether you are eating you lunch on them. It is naptime for one or more children. Having multiple will help you as you will need more than one at a time most likely throughout your day.


Very important for everyone while out in the summer to prevent sun burns. No one wants to deal with the pain of having a sun burn.


Can you think of anything that would go into a summer car box? Share with us what you place in yours!

This seems to be the time of year that we are all looking for summer activities for kids. Are you with me on that one? My difficult part to this sometimes is I have two children who are close in age (5 and almost 4) and then I have a 1 year old. Some activities they can all join together and do while others they can’t.


Swimming in the pool is a big one

What child doesn’t love to swim in the pool? I know my boys could live in ours all day and night if they could. There are so many things that you can do in a pool. Where they are getting exercise and they can even learn things while they are in the pool.

Using chalk or paint on the sidewalk

What a creative activities to do! This gives them the chance to draw or write they want to. Another plus it is easy to clean up when it needs to be cleaned up.

Fun with Squirt Guns

During the summer kids love to play with water even outside of the pool. This summer activity for kids is something that has been done for years. Using squirt guns provides so much and so many different activities that can be done.

Make Smores 

Making smores is fun for everyone. Sitting around that fire at night telling stories and eating smores makes for a fun end to any summer night.


You could probably do this during other times of the year but camping in the summer is much warmer. Camping provides a fun learning experience the whole family can join in.

Go to the Zoo

Going to the zoo is always fun. It gives you the chance to see what animals there are and what they do.

Pack a picnic

Pack a picnic for everyone enjoy it anywhere. You could bring it the park, go to a concert. The best part of having a picnic you can do it anywhere.

Summer activities for kids can range in so many different things. You could come up with anything and do it anywhere for it to be fun. What do you do for summer activities for kids? Do you have traditional activities or just do whatever you want?

Are you considering homeschooling in the summer? Been wondering if it would be right for you and wondering what the pros and cons would be?

You can work on the subjects that your kids struggled with over the rest of the year. 

For us this is going to be the main reason for why we homeschool over the summer. My oldest has dyslexia and has a very rough time with anything related to English. So having the summer to work on those skills will help him be able to grasp more later on.

There are so many other learning experiences that you can do during the same that you can’t during the rest of the year.

This including swimming, where they can learn how to swim or just have fun in the pool. Gardening is another great lesson that they can learn, this providing them the knowledge of how our food is grown and how to do it themselves.

Having the routine will help your children thrive

This is another reason why we are homeschooling over the summer. My kids right now are thriving on this schedule. When we take off long periods of time with no schooling they don’t know what to do.

It will give your gifted children a chance to dig deeper in the subjects they are interested in

This will be a nice thing for you gifted children. Sometimes they don’t want to stop working on a subject they have working on. Working through the summer will give them a chance to dig deeper and learn more of what they want to learn.

You don’t have to feel like you are rushed the rest of the year

With homeschooling in the summer you don’t have to feel like you need to rush and get your school work done during the school year. You are able to do whatever work still and focus on what you need to focus on more.

You are able to take vacations outside of the summer time if needed

There are some peoples schedules that don’t allow them to take breaks during this time of the year but they can during another time of the year. This makes it possible to make up the work that you did during that vacation time.

Do you homeschool through the summer? If you do has it helped you and your kids to be able to learn better and more relaxed?