Do you and your kids love science? Have you ever tried some STEAM activities to be able to learn about some new science? In case you didn’t know STEAM means Science, technology, engineering, art and math.  These activities are so much fun!

  1. Clay and Block Structures by Babble Dabble Do

We all have blocks that we can use!

2. Pendulum Painting by Kids STEAM Lab

Now this is a fun way to paint. Makes my kids laugh each time as the paint is flying around.

3. Floating Three Dimensional Sculpture by Meaningful Mam

4. Magnifying Glass for Outdoor Exploration by One Time Through

Another great educational use for a mason jar or some other kind of jar.

5. How To Make A Simple Kaleidoscope for Kids by Little Bins for Little Hand

These are so pretty and make me think of all the fun times I had with them growing up.

6. Old School Fun: Make a Thaumatrope by What do we do all day

7. Gelatin Streaking by Babble Dabble Do

Isn’t this a cool thing to do with Gelatin! I would never have thought of it myself.

8. Slug Slime Races by Lemon Lime Adventures

Have you ever wondered how they have slime? Check this out for a better understanding.

9. STEAM powered Art Bot

This is so cool! Gives another view of how to make those drawings.

10. 4 Engineering challenges for kids by Frugal fun for boys and girls

Time to take those blocks and craft sticks out to build your own building.

11. Spicy Scented Sensory Math and Art for kids by One Time Through

12. Make your own Exploding Chocolate Candy by Pink Stripey Socks

Yummy! Who doesn’t like chocolate? What is even better is that they explode in your mouth.

13. Spinning Noise Maker by What do we do all day

14. Salt Vibrations: Sound you can see by Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls


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