Do you like shopping at Dollar Tree? Did you know that you can get supplies for teaching your children? They have so many educational items and even some items that wouldn’t be considered educational can be used for learning activities. Want to know some learning activities you can make?

  1. Ice Tray activities

You can use their ice trays to sort  colored items, buttons, pom poms and other small items. Can help with color recognition and fine motor skills.

2. Mini Trash Can Sorting

The plastic mini trash cans that you can find in Dollar Tree stores are great to use when learning sight words, word blends, nouns, verbs and so many other different words and information that your child is needing to learn.

3. Photo Albums used as reusable writing pages

Their photo albums make great ways to use dry erase markers over and over. This bringing learning activities that need to be used more than once like math problems, matching items and so much more.

4. Baking Sheet Magnet Boards

Using the baking sheets from Dollar Tree can make so many activities. It gives another surface to use all the magnetic learning tools that you have. Like your magnetic letters, numbers and other learning items that include magnets.

5. Puzzles

They have some great puzzles that are foam that can be used with learning. You can use them in a sensory mode where you hide the letters and then place each letter in the designated place on the puzzle.

6. Guided reading cubes

You can use the foam dice that they have and place the information that you need in your guided reading work. They can be used to learn other information too.

7. Pool noodles

Pool noodles can be used for so many reasons in learning. One example is cutting them up in different pieces and learn fractions with them. You can also use them to learn other forms of math. Even matching your uppercase and lowercase letters.

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