Have you been looking for a way for your child to learn that is not all about textbooks? I know I have and we now do a lot of hands on homeschooling. Especially with math we are doing hands on activities to keep their hands busy. I looked everywhere personally to find what could make our homeschool learning hands on and have found a lot of information that has seemed to really help my boys. You can find this information everywhere but I thought I would share some with you too. I will split this up into subjects that they will be learning.


I know personally I the subject my boys have the hardest time with. So finding ways to incorporate hands on learning has helped them a lot. You can find ways to make this happen yourself or there are actual curriculum that would help too.

We use All About Reading for our phonics curriculum.  They have games, activities, cards and so much more keep them busy but learning at the same time. Your child will use a book but they aren’t only using it. It has changed the love of phonics for us so much!

The same company that makes All About Reading also make All About Spelling. All About Spelling has blocks and other pieces that have the letters on them to help the child learn how to spell words while doing something with their hands.

If you don’t want to use a curriculum and want to make it up yourself here are some suggestions:

You can play learning games

Write words or letters in salt, sand or other materials

Use playdoh to make what you are learning

Use magnetic letters


Writing can be sometimes tough to learn depending on the child but there many ways to do it!

We use Handwriting Without Tears. It has literally taken all tears and frustrations away from my boys learning to write. They are full of hands on activities along with the usual book to write in. They start at the very beginning and then bring your child to the end. Including cursive and typing on a keyboard.

Ways to teach handwriting hands on:

Write the letters in salt or sand

Write on a mini chalkboard

Use playdoh to make the letters


Math is one of the subject that are really easy to learn by being hands on. There are so many different materials that can be used.

Rightstart math is a hands on curriculum with learning games. They are very limited in worksheets.

You can use mathlinks to help count numbers

There are little round or bear counters that could help with counting

Use dominoes to help with addition and subtraction

You can use Legos

You  use dice


Make some Art from a particular time in history

Make a small replica of a building that was important

You can act out a time in history

Visit historical locations or museums


Do science experiments

Go outside and learn about nature by actually touching and seeing the objects


Hands on learning can be fun all on its own. With doing this style of learning my boys have really learned at a faster pace while going at their pace.


What are some other hands on ways of learning that you can think of?


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