As humans it is nice to be able to receive things but it wasn’t meant for only that to happen. It was meant for everyone to learn the importance of giving. This is something that as parents we need to make sure that our kids know this. Kids love to receive things but they need to remember that giving is even more important. Whether it be giving to a friend or family member or giving to a cause that is important to them. Giving is one way for everyone to be able to live the life that is best for them.

Share with them that some may not have all the things that we may have

Most of us are blessed with many things which is something that kids sometimes do not realize. While we maybe blessed, others that maybe near us or in other parts of the world do not have what we have. Teaching your children this will help show them what we have other kids do not and we can help them by giving them the necessary things to survive.

Set the beginning with a small act of giving

Your kids might have a hard time seeing what they could do for others may actually help those that they are helping. Have them spend some time mowing the lawn for a neighbor, helping someone around their home or even bring them to a community place that they could a larger group of people so that they can what are one of the biggest problems in your community.

Set a good example of giving

Your children are not going to truly know the importance of giving unless they see us doing it.  Seeing us doing an act of positive giving can help them see how important it is and how it will benefit the person they would be helping.

Make sure they now they can make a difference

It is important to feel like when they are giving that what they are giving will truly make a difference.  They won’t feel good about giving to others until they feel good about themselves and what they are doing that would help others.

Remember if you and are children are giving on a regular basis then they will surprise you with the compassion that they will have for others.

How do you and your kids get involved in helping others? Please share what you do!

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