Are you a parent homeschooling your children or a parent looking for some help supplementing your children’s education at home? You have come to the right place.


All about my family

My husband and I started our journey together in 2008 when we met at college. We became friends and grew to know and each other and got very close.  A few days before Christmas we started officially dating. After 5 months of dating we got engaged (I know wow that is fast!). In 2010 we got married and I started my masters degree. After finishing my first year of my masters we found out that we were expecting our oldest and with medical problems arising I became a stay at home wife and stopped working on my masters. In 2012 our oldest was born and I became a stay at home mom. In 2014 our middle son was born and 2016 our youngest son was born.

When our oldest got to preschool age we started looking into options for preschool for him. We realized that we wouldn’t be able to send him to school so I started looking at options at home. This is when we started homeschooling. I found learning activities for him and then after a bit his brother joined in learning with him. Close to the end of that year my husband and I discussed what we wanted to do for school for our kids even with our oldest still having another year of preschool. With experiencing how he learns (he is very hands on and needs to be active) we decided that we would continue to homeschool him and his brothers.



With homeschooling my boys I have learned so much about them and myself. I have learned that they learn in their own individual way and that with homeschooling and that sometimes needing patience is very important. There have been struggles that we have gone through but we are learning as we go. With my experience of homeschooling my kids it has made me want to share it with other moms and help them as much as I can.

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